Django Unchianed

Curse Count

50 100 150 Fuck: 30 Shit: 17 Pussy: 1 Damn: 20 Goddamn: 26 Bitch: 1 Ass: 51 Motherfucker: 9 Fuck Shit Pussy Damn Goddamn Bitch Ass Motherfucker

The top three curse words used in Django Unchained are ass, fuck goddamn, and damn.

Slur Count

50 100 150 Nigger: 148 Fag: 0 Cunt: 0 Bitch: 5 Sonsabitches: 8 Bastard: 5 Slut: 0 Jew: 0 Nigger Fag Cunt Bitch Sonsabitches Bastard Slut Jew

The top three slurs used in Django Unchained are nigger, sonsabitches, and bastard.

Men vs Women Curses

100 200 300 Men: 126 Women: 0 Men Women

Mev vs Women Slurs

100 200 300 Men: 149 Women: 1 Men Women

There are 78 male characters and 15 female characters in the Django Unchained screenplay. Male characters speak 93.8 % while female characters speak 6.2%. There are 174 dialogues that contain curse words or slurs that are spoken by male characters. There is 1 dialogue that contain curse words or slurs that are spoken by female characters. We attributed this disproportion to the setting within the screenplay because in comparison to the other two screenplays, Django Unchained is heavily dominated by male characters and female characters are subordinate to their male counterparts. Therefore, female characters speak significantly less but also feel even more uncomfortable using profanity.

Sex vs Sex Curses

100 200 300 Men to Men: 120 Men to Women: 1 Women to Men: 0 Women to Women: 0 M v M M v W W v M W v W

Sex vs Sex Slurs

100 200 300 Men to Men: 133 Men to Women: 4 Women to Men: 1 Women to Women: 0 M v M M v W W v M W v W

Because there is only one dialogue in which female character uses a profanity, the results here are extremely skewed towards male characters. The data gathered from Django Unchained does support our hypothesis that male characters uses more profanities than female characters, even if there is a disproportionate amount of male characters' usage of profanities versus female characters' usage of profanities.

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